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Giant Vintage, Mod & Superstar Barbie Skipper Francie Ricky Shoe Lot!

Giant Vintage, Mod & Superstar Barbie Skipper Francie Ricky Shoe Lot!

$ 169.99

Over 55 pairs!

This lot is almost all vintage, mod, or superstar Barbie family shoes, and almost all of the shoes are in awesome condition. Nearly every pair is a perfect match. See notes below for exceptions.

  • The orange squishy lace up boots are Marie Osmond (same mold as Barbie) and they are very close but not perfectly matched. One shoe has thinner rubber than the other. However, these are very rare shoes -- I've been selling Barbie stuff for a very long time and this is only the second pair I've ever seen.  (The other pair had one shoe with thinner rubber than the other too -- probably a factory quality control issue.)
  • One of the navy blue pairs of boots is not perfectly matched; both shoes are marked korea but with different type face. The are extremely close and you'll have to look carefully to see the difference.
  • The yellow lace up boots are Fashion Avenue, I think, and not vintage. Still very hard to find. I used to sell these for $50 each a few years back when they were really popular and prices were higher.
  • The lace-up wedgies have some wear to the laces; this is only the fourth pair of these I've ever seen and I specialize in selling Barbie shoes!
  • The white lace up boots are dirty and have a few very faint stains.
  • The white OT mules HAVE GLITTER but it is worn and missing in spots
  • The white Ricky sneakers have a few small pinholes
  • I am not going to try to match up every single pair of red skipper flats down to the mold line and font face on the sole. They all say Japan and they're all the same color.

There may be issues I missed as this is a large lot, but overall, it's very clean and items are, in general, in very good condition.

I am moving and selling a lot of lots at low prices as fast as possible. Please check my store for more big lots!

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