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Job Lot of Barbies & Other Dolls -- Great for Reseller or OOAK Artist

Job Lot of Barbies & Other Dolls -- Great for Reseller or OOAK Artist

$ 119.00

These are all dolls (plus a few random heads) I set aside with the intent of cleaning them up and reselling individually myself because they're all higher-value dolls for resale purposes. Unfortunately, I don't have time to clean and list them all right now!

Most, but not all, are in "fixable" shape. All should be assumed to be dirty, with tangled hair and minor damage like stains, scratches, scuffs, and so forth. You may find a few random chew marks, haircuts, or busted knees, because I haven't inspected these dolls individually in detail. One of the smaller dolls also had some age-related changes and a bald spot on the back of her head. 

However, nothing horribly wrong was obvious when I gave them a quick once over. For the most part  they just need some TLC and a day at the spa, and maybe some treatment to get some minor stains or discoloration out. At worst, you might need to do a body swap or replace a few missing or cut hair plugs.

Some have VERY tangled hair. Lots and lots and lots of dirt.

Glinda talks. Annaliese sings. Both have strong batteries. Both Tangled dolls and the Little Mermaid doll need a lot of work on their hair. The orange haired mermaid head has pretty matted hair too, but I think it should turn out okay if a skilled person works on it. That's a super rare head and it sells very well and for a high price when paired with an articulated body ... (I know I could fix all of them, it would just take more time than I have.)

The price is firm; these will remain listed at this price until I have time to clean them. If they don't sell, I'll eventually cancel the listing, clean them up, and sell them for a higher price myself.

The AA Ken doll has VERY sticky legs and I've wrapped him up separate from the other dolls. He's pretty greasy right now. He's a rare enough doll that I thought it worth listing, but I also definitely wanted to mention that issue!

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