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LJN Brooke Shields Ring -- Pink B Logo On Star

LJN Brooke Shields Ring -- Pink B Logo On Star

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This is posted for identification purposes and is FREE to anyone that wants to claim it. Just pay shipping cost. I am merely posting this item to help others identify it, as I am turning Dollbit into a resource for collectors to identify items.

This comb is to the LJN Brook Shields doll from 1982. It also came with a pink brush (same color) with the same logo.

This item is easily misidentified as a Barbie brush. I did exactly that, assuming the B stood for Barbie, when I saw it. (Thanks to Jake Putnam on Facebook for ID'ing this item for me!)

If you are a collector who found this in a lot of mystery items, you may wish to check for other identified Brooke Shields clothes and accessories. Her items are often confused with Barbie as they are the same size (and fit Barbie.) There is some value in some of the items.

Brooke Shields Accessories and Clothes

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