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Sunshine & Happy Family Clothes Lot Inc. HTF Pieces & Variations

Sunshine & Happy Family Clothes Lot Inc. HTF Pieces & Variations

$ 19.99

This lot contains pieces of varying condition.

The apron and pants are worn, and may or may not be Sunshine Family. The elastic on the brown pants is stretched out. Blue pants are well played with, though not ripped or torn. The apron is dirty, dingy, and fraying and I'm not sure if it's Sunshine Family or not.

Tan vest has a very tiny hole in it that is hard to see.

Plaid shirt is nice and crisp.

Both of Hattie's yellow blouses are fairly crisp with minimal play wear and good elastic, though neither is perfect. One has some faint stains (likely from fabric dye that ran from another outfit) and one has a tiny mark of some kind. One sleeve is not as tightly gathered as the others.

Hattie's multicolored skirt is nice.

One of Hal's shirts is really nice. The other has been played with and has a few broken stitches. These shirts are two different variations using subtly different striped fabric.

Steve's red turtleneck has been washed and is no longer crispy new. No major issues, but not crispy new.

This is a used, played with lot and there may be issues I missed. This is only a list of the issues I see on a quick inspection of the items, and is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete list of all possible flaws.


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