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TLC/Salvage Box Lot of Older Superstar Barbies

TLC/Salvage Box Lot of Older Superstar Barbies

$ 49.99

Most of the dolls here are from the late 1970s to mid 80s.

All dolls in this lot should be assumed to have issues. There are scratches, chew marks, knees that don't click, stains, LOTS of dirt and matted hair, some haircuts, possibly some cracked neck stems (I didn't actually check) and the Beauty Secrets body with no head has a busted arm -- but it also has both hands, so if you have a Beauty Secrets with a missing hand it's good for parts. Many of the dolls in this lot could be cleaned up and restored to display well, but I will leave that for the buyer.

Offhand, I see the Heart Family Mom (haircut), Pretty Changes (wow she's pink), Barbie from Barbie and the Sensations (her outfit is peeling and she has rubber band goo in her hair), Golden Dream Barbie (bad knee, needs cleaning, hair a mess, may have other issues, but might clean up to display nicely with some effort and TLC) and a bunch of others.

I combine shipping and refund excess postage charged. I could fit a few more dolls in the flat rate box, and I have more dolls in my store and lots of accessories!

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